How to Overcome Writer's Block and Get Your Essay or Article Completed?

How to Overcome Writer's Block and Get Your Essay or Article Completed?
Table of Contents
  1. How to Overcome Writer's Block and Get Your Essay or Article Completed?
  2. 4 Widespread Types of Unhappy Authors!
  3. How to Stop Writer's Block: A Universal Solution from Expert
  4. How to Overcome Writer Block: 10 Creative Approaches Shared by Gurus
  5. What’s Next?

A writer’s block is a serious problem, which became the subject of discussion in the New Yorker, famous American weekly magazine. Maria Konnikova, its experienced journalist and professional writer, has conducted research to detect the types of the problems and explain how to overcome writer block. Do you need the main outtakes from her work? A writer’s block is the main topic of this article. Every student, young journalist, professional writer, or even a world’s known author may face the issue – read the writing tips to overcome it!

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4 Widespread Types of Unhappy Authors!

Not all writers block their creativity. Those authors who know how to overcome writer block never get trapped in the routine troubles. Have you heard of the classic research by Yale? A famous American university known for its powerful writing faculties & tools has researched the question “how to beat writer's block” in the 1970s and 80s; several professors and distinguished local writers faced the problem. The second reason was to help Yale’s students.

The article called the issue “a cocktail of depression, anxiety, and paralyzing self-doubt. The greatest ways to fight the writer’s block will not help without identifying the type of unhappy author.”

To understand how to overcome writer block, define your personal type after observing the findings from the Yale professors’ work.

  1. The anxious miserable type: The excessive self-criticism makes the person believe he or she is able to do nothing worthy of the audience’s attention. The article remains frozen. Such author cannot use his imaginative capacity (full creative potential) by having no appreciation, reward, appraisal, or belief.
  2. The angry miserable type: The person who is socially aggressive. His lack of humanism and motivation is reflected in his/her works, stressing the frivolity of other authors’ articles. The worst nightmare of such author is to have his best writing works compared with other pieces.
  3. The apathetic miserable type: This is the most creatively limited group of authors, which cannot daydream, explore new ways to solving problems, inventing new plot directions, introducing fresh characters, etc. Their articles are alike due to the lack of uniqueness – looks like these people are afraid of offering fresh ideas/topics to the world.
  4. The narcissistic miserable type: It is a depressive, moody, disappointed writing population, which can be in rage due to the absence/lack of external motivation. These authors need attention, appreciation, financial rewards, etc. They love personal works and are sure in their irresistibility.

How to Stop Writer's Block: A Universal Solution from Expert

In her article, Konnikova discovered a universal response to the question, “how to stop writer's block?” A directed mental imagery is the name of this unique, highly effective method. Your Google search will help to discover more information on this phenomenon; Konnikova says the following:

"The morning the writers block their creative potential, they should end up sitting in a dim, silent premise and contemplate a series of 10 cases telling to develop and describe several dream-like creations. 'Visualizing' a piece of music, or a natural setting is a good example.”

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How to Overcome Writer Block: 10 Creative Approaches Shared by Gurus

  1. Postpone the current writing process to welcome creative ideas: Each time you get stuck with your article/5-paragraph essay/novel, do not try to continue the writing process being forced by the deadlines or other conditions. Refocus by painting pictures, composing song lyrics, designing a collage, editing photos, or getting involved in other exciting activities to boost imagination.
  2. Freewriting might be a clue: Do not confuse the term with the freelance writing accomplished by the freelancers. 15 minutes of your time can help to resist the writer’s problem. Discuss whatever you see around or hear from the news in a free manner, meaning ignoring the punctuation, grammar, or spelling – release your creative potential!
  3. C’mon, shake your body (Yoga, dancing, Tai Chi) – Sitting day long in one pose would drive any professional mad.
  4. Get rid of distractions while working: Try to remove the useless things like mobile phone/Playstation/iPad from the working space – it works!
  5. Who gets up early to God gives – wake up early in the morning to have your quick breakfast, aerobics, and get to work. Morning is the time of the peak in brain work!
  6. Write new points & ideas before going to bed at night: Psychologists stress that 15-30 minutes prior to bedtime is another peak of working activity.
  7. Try getting inspired by turning on TV or surfing on the Internet: By reading the articles compsoed by other people, you enrich your creative baggage with new, relevant topics and specific ideas.
  8. Try setting deadlines in case they are absent – Be strict to yourself!
  9. Writing is not an art: Stephen King and other popular American authors know how to stop writer's block.

This metaphor of a toolbox means the comparison of the authors to the laborers, craftsmen – all those people who are involved in the obligatory physical work.

  1. Glass-of-Water Technique - Fill up a glass of water; hold it up and speak an intention into the water.

Writers block their creative capacity without recognizing the reasons. Once they realize the primary causes of the problem, they will be able to win the fight against the nasty problem.

What’s Next?

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