How to Write an Interview Essay in Only 4 Steps

How to Write an Interview Essay in Only 4 Steps

“Questions are never indiscreet. Answers sometimes are.”
Oscar Wilde

The quote is taken from the interview given by a famous Irish writer, the author of magnificent plays, poems, and essays. It can be a good start for your interview essay on Oscar Wilde or a living person. Teachers assign interview essays rarer than research papers, book reports, critical articles, case studies, and other writing assignments. It is a great way to learn how to make questions and ask them properly. Please consider this information, which includes some interview essay examples plus the detailed instructions on how to make a paper of such type.

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What Is an Interview Essay?

Before writing an outline, take your time to define an interview essay. It is a paper written to give an idea of how the face-to-face conversation with specific person looked like, what sort of impressions it left, and how useful the speech can be. This form of work represents what an interviewed person thinks about a particular topic. If you are asked to support your research paper with a powerful interview essay, it means you should ask the field’s expert important questions on the chosen topic.

Example: Ask a professor from the college of your dream more about how popular UK universities get their great rankings.

The process allows getting a deeper inside on the topic through the shared experience, personal examples, and important lessons learned by the interviewed person. An interviewee should write a summary of the conversation on a separate paper once the meeting is over. That would be the required work. Those who wish to become journalists or good authors one day must know how to conduct interviews and other types of surveys.

Take free interview essay examples here to learn more!

Short Guide on How to Write an Interview Essay

Learn how to write an interview essay of any form using the information below.

  • Define the goal of your work. Are you interested in the process of cooking fish in the famous restaurants, upcoming presidential elections, the way they shoot movies in Hollywood, or answers to your homework questions? Decide on the purpose first to determine the interview’s type (look at the interview essay examples below).
  • Start with the research. No academic or scientific writing is available without a good research meaning the writer should search for the most relevant, recently discussed topic related to his subject. Research different media channels to pick the best questions. Pay attention to what professional journalists tend to ask working on the same topic.
  • Depending on the things you want to discuss, pick the person to answer your questions. In case you wish to ask questions on the narrow subject, a single person would be enough; in other situations, you’d better dedicate time to forming a list of people specializing in the area of your interest.
  • Get ready with your questions for the essay writing for the interview. Make a list of several great questions most famous writers tend to ask people working in the field of your interest. Add some additional questions: you might have an extra time. Rank your questions from the least important to the most in order not to miss the point. One of the most important parts is to pick the opening question to ask; it should be a good question, which will help your interviewed person understand your intentions are serious, and you are worth spending his/her time. It is like writing a hook sentence to start your paper originally.

Interview Essay Examples

Several different types of essay writing for interview exist. It is important to define the form of your work before starting; based on your goals and things you wish to cover, pick one of the listed forms.

The Sequential Interview

The first example of the essay writing for interview is a sequential form. It means several people are asking different questions on the related topic. The interviewees ask different questions to examine different sets of competencies within the given field of study. Make sure you have different questions from your supporting writer. Spend some time on matching your results by comparing answers, pick the most interesting questions, write an outline, and get ready with your final paper!

If your co-authors are famous writers or journalists, do not forget to cite their quotes correctly!

Career Interview Essay

Inc.Com shares each corporate job opening obtains 250 resumes on the average. The source adds three things matter to Millenials in the organizations they work: growth opportunities, retirement benefits, and work culture.

To help a person get the job of his/her dream, you should focus on these three things in the career interview essay. Many people wish to work in good companies, but they do not possess enough time and skills to work on the outstanding application form. There is nothing extraordinary about a regular CV/resume that can attract the attention of the busy employer. Different job applicants ask professional writers for help. They can either ask a good writer like you to prepare a powerful career interview essay format or hire professional online writers to make a great resume.

Narrative Interview Essay

Three things make an interview essay a narrative form of writing:

  1. Description
  2. Details
  3. Explanation

If you want to make a great story out of the conversation with an interesting person or group of people, turn your interview into the short story with its unique plot, characters, and lessons.

Leadership Essay

How to write an interview essay on leadership? Leadership is one of the most interesting & exciting things to write about, and many people can be interviewed as the inspiring leaders:

  • Artists
  • Political authorities
  • Historical figures
  • CEOs of successful companies
  • Innovators

Pick one of these professionals to ask questions on the specific topic to get several good examples and fresh ideas for your writing.

Personal Interview

An interview essay format is different from the regular personal interview. It should not look like a dialogue between two people; pick the most shocking/unexpected/awesome answers from the list. Write your personal interview essay based on these answers. Develop a thesis statement to specify why this person was interesting to ask your questions; conduct a research to include supporting details in the paper’s body; make a powerful conclusion to leave a strong impression on your reader.


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