Essay Topic Ideas for Different Types of Academic Papers

Essay Topic Ideas for Different Types of Academic Papers
Table of Contents
  1. Essay Topic Ideas for Different Types of Academic Papers
  2. Brainstorm Great Essay Topics for College Writing
  3. Essay Ideas for Argumentative Writing
  4. Interesting Solutions for Personal Essays
  5. Great Prompts for Your Illustration Paper
  6. The Best Ideas for Your Cause and Effect Assignments

Teachers often give difficult essay topics ideas to students because it’s a part of their education. What if you need to write a paper on a complex subject?

Find good essay topics for college assignments. Check the best essay topics list to choose a brilliant idea even when completing the hardest subject.

If you care about the best one, you should be ready to research it and ensure you have enough time. Support your choice with evidence and information.

Brainstorm Great Essay Topics for College Writing

You do the hardest work before you start drafting your essays, so you should:

  • Have a general interest.
  • Pick an important topic.
  • Speak from your mind and heart instead of listing vague ideas to bring your essay to the next level.

You will soon get frustrated and bored without a good subject. The biggest problem is that you will fail to offer a better insight of essay topics for college and school students. Essay topics ideas vary according to the type of paper that you need to write. Learn to handle them to complete each one. Use effective solutions - look for the best answer to assignment questions if your topic is hard.

Essay Ideas for Argumentative Writing

Explore this list of argumentative essay topics college - see if they pique your interest and whether they controversial enough. Do you have any firm position of a particular one and which one would you like researching? Is there any point you want to prove and get across to readers?

  1. Should children be allowed by parents to use cell phones in schools; if it will improve their academic performance?
  2. Can the government check email?
  3. Is the death penalty a good solution of the modern society; what are its positive or negative consequences?
  4. Is a uniform in colleges beneficial?
  5. Is a torture acceptable?
  6. Should men get their paternity leave from work similar to women; what effects can this allowance bring to the society?
  7. Is cheating out of control?
  8. Is a law enforcement camera an invasion of social privacy?
  9. Should English be the only official language in the United States; what other languages can become as official based on the population?
  10. Is the election process fair?
  11. Do gay couples have their unique place and rights in modern legislation; whether they should be equal to other couples?
  12. Is there a lot of pressure on teenagers to go to college?
  13. Should any company market to children; what kind of advertisements should they use to avoid negative consequences on their mental development?
  14. Should marijuana be banned in each state?
  15. Are professional athletes and actors paid a lot compared to other specialties; what adjustments are necessary to make things fair?
  16. Should prisoners keep voting?
  17. Should animals be used during research and test?
  18. Are people very dependent on the Internet and online resources; what negative outcomes does their dependence bring?
  19. Is human activity responsible for climate change?
  20. Are violent games responsible for behavioral problems and slow learning of children (consider negative patterns and other worrying trends)?
  21. Are beauty pageants very exploitative?
  22. Should the age of drinking alcohol be either decreased or increased (state your opinion, consider possible counterarguments, use strong evidence)?
  23. Should all citizens be required to recycle?
  24. Can their access to condoms prevent unwanted pregnancy in modern teens; if there any statistics to prove positive effects?
  25. Is health care efficient and fair?
  26. Should smoking in public be illegal?
  27. Is child behavior worse or better than it was in other periods of time; how can you prove your point?
  28. Should the American society have a say in harmful diets?

paper-ideaInteresting Solutions for Personal Essays

A personal paper gives others a glimpse of your personal experience. Looking for your inspiration? Check this essay topics list:

  1. The remarkable or unique moment your entire life changed forever.
  2. How you meet your best friend.
  3. Think about any interesting experience of overcoming your fears; how it affected your development, future, or other life areas.
  4. The hardest choice you’ve made.
  5. A surprising turn of events or the bravest moment you experienced; how it affected your personality, life choices, and future decisions.
  6. Why you want to succeed.
  7. The biggest failure or disappointment.
  8. If you had any superpower, imagine what you would do; how you would use it to improve the society or help others.
  9. Any special place for you.
  10. Is money important?
  11. Consider the moment when you had a desire to run away or hide in a hole and explain to readers why you felt this way.
  12. Your favorite movies or music.
  13. Remember your personal experience of being let down by a good friend; what emotions you experienced or what did you do to change this situation.
  14. A book that changed your personality.
  15. Words that prompt your hope and stung.
  16. Describe a moment when a kid taught you a good lesson and consider the effects it had on your personal growth.
  17. Your favorite season.
  18. How would you change the world?

Great Prompts for Your Illustration Paper

An illustration paper is a starting point for any academic writing. Read these essay topics for college peers and illustrate your thoughts with facts and examples to support an argument.

  1. Global temperature is rising.
  2. Girls are treated differently than boys within some Asian societies; describe these differences and their effects on girls’ position within the society.
  3. Only rich candidates win presidential elections.
  4. Workplaces often discriminate women by paying and promoting them less than men: what people can do to improve this situation.
  5. The right to carry weapons can save lives.
  6. The portrayal of violence encourages aggressiveness in adults and children; it should be illegal because it brings many negative outcomes.
  7. Minimum drinking age laws decrease teenage alcohol abuse.
  8. Drugs increase violent crimes.
  9. Different advances in technology and science may cause harm while benefiting people.
  10. It’s so good to be a king because you get many privileges and unique opportunities that bring multiple benefits.
  11. Global stock market is overvalued.
  12. Legal immigrants contribute to the society and our country positively; if you support this opinion, provide strong proofs and statistics.
  13. Drug abuse is popular throughout professional sports and what the society can do to reduce this popularity and harsh outcomes.
  14. Only winners write history.

The Best Ideas for Your Cause and Effect Assignments

What topic to choose when writing your next cause and effect paper? Check these extended essay topics before you get started:

  1. Causes and effects of fast food restaurants and their growing popularity.
  2. Negative effects of pollution.
  3. Politics against neighboring countries: whether they bring negative or positive effects and what changes are needed.
  4. How the Internet influences kids.
  5. Civil rights movements, their effects on different social areas, benefits they bring to the society, and how they affect modern politics.
  6. School bullying effects on minors.
  7. Music effects on the human body.
  8. Why some couples are in destructive relationships regularly: consider basic causes, determine important patterns, and propose effective solutions.
  9. Earthquakes and their potential dangers.
  10. How professional sports affects teenagers.
  11. How smoking impacts pregnant women and potential health risks for unborn babies.
  12. Domestic violence effects.
  13. Genetically engineered food, its growing popularity, possible risks, and harmful effects.
  14. Social media effects on young generation.
  15. How your favorite book influenced you.

You can use many ideas to write a winning academic paper that will help you earn better grades. Choose the best topic that you feel passionate about and express your strong thoughts and arguments to interest readers.