Police Brutality Essay: What Is That and What Is It For?

Police Brutality Essay: What Is That and What Is It For?
Table of Contents
  1. Police Brutality Essay: What Is That and What Is It For?
  2. How to Start the Paper on Police Brutality?
  3. Where to Get the Needed Data?
  4. Five Proper Facts Presentation to Follow
  5. Don’t Forget about the College Requirements

What is police brutality essay? A police brutality essay is one of the possible written tasks. It’s an academic paper to show how police officers break the law and apply excessive force to people whom they arrest. A police officer doesn’t pay attention to the public opinion and behaves brutally in almost all cases. Police brutality is a serious problem among a number of police departments in New York, Los Angeles, and other American states.

But don’t fall into despair. Students like you often have to write essays on controversial topics. It may be even a simple narrative essay. In your case, one should research the issue of the police brutality. The Internet contains an excessive amount of information about each police department, its training, reports, problems it faces, statistics of successful cases and brutality, etc. You should support each part of your police brutality paper with evidence. Just facts matter.

Today it is not easy to change the system and stop police brutality. Despite the fact that the United States of America protect the human rights of their citizens, there are many criminals, innocent victims, and police brutality. The community wants stricter enforcement of existing laws. For example, an officer mustn’t prevent justice and abuse power but be able to protect society. How to compose a good police brutality paper? Let’s answer this question.

How to Start the Paper on Police Brutality?

One of the most important issues is to find a proper topic for your research. An essay on police brutality should touch upon the pressing problem. You may investigate the following topics:

  • The Thought of the Minority: What Do Afro-Americans Think of  Policing in Their Cities?
  • The Profiling of Police Candidates: How to Identify a Good and a Bad Cop?
  • The Role of Local Communities in the Treatment of Police Violence.
  • Can Cruel Actions of a Police Officer Be Justified?
  • How to Act When Witnessing Police Brutality: Possible Ways to Solve the Problem.

Each of the above-mentioned issues deals with an urgent matter. If you choose one of them for your research, you should show how cops misconduct and cannot control their rage. Your investigation must reflect the reality, present the reasons for such zero-tolerance policy from the legislative officers, explain their criminal behavior, and offer your own salvation concerning the chosen situations.

If you have already chosen the topic, it’s high time to compose an outline. It will help you order your ideas and see what exactly you are going to do. All papers have their introduction, body, and conclusion. Due to your well-composed outline, you’ll be ready to see the major point of your work and to control the process and see the result of the job you’ve already done. You can read more tips to make your essay even better.

Then, you should write a thesis statement on police brutality and present it in the introduction. The body of your police brutality essay should develop the idea and each paragraph must support the argument presented in the thesis statement. Your final part is a conclusion to sum everything up but do not repeat the information. It should make the reader ponder over the situation. That’s why you may offer some unique and effective ways of the police brutality solution.

Where to Get the Needed Data?

Look for reliable and trustworthy sources for your police brutality essay. The role of the mass media is not only to present breaking news about the police but also to make it look and sound effective and catchy. That’s why journalists and TV makers often mislead the audience. You are not to believe everything you see and hear about the police brutality. You are not to be misled by the information reported on the TV or in the press because YOUR main task is to analyze and be ready to share facts about the police.

It will be great to read some articles on police brutality published in trustworthy online or printed sources. These can be an interview, statistics, research papers, overview, etc.

NB! When you speak about facts, you are to be very careful. It’s better either to add a copyright page (in case of citations and quotations) or to present the analyzed data in your own words. It will help you avoid plagiarism. College tutors punish those who copy other works because it is not legal and they view such a student in a very negative light.

Five Proper Facts Presentation to Follow

Whether you are going to write a police brutality argumentative essay or a compare-and-contrast essay, you should support it with trustworthy data. You must pprotect yourself against lies accusations and nobody will suspect you of cheating. Here are 5 good examples of facts which you may use in your paper.

  1. 16.5 percent of full-time police officers are women and 25.2% of police are Afro-Americans and  Hispanics. Still, almost each “black” person complains that there are many cases of racial discrimination among “white” police officers. There are also a number of incidents when Caucasian police considered racial minorities to be always guilty without a reason.
  2. Redditt Hudson, a former police officer, witnessed how his colleagues decided to continue beating a boy when he refused to stand up. They didn’t even try to find out the reason. By the way, the boy was a cripple and just couldn’t act normally and do what the police officers asked to do. R. Hudson decided to give up his job because most cops were not accountable for their negative conduct and officials did nothing to stop racism, sexual discrimination, physical aggression, and unreasonable usage of weapons during many years.
  3. Sacramento Police Department killed an African American boy on the 18th of March. He was only 23.  The guy had broken the window of his grandmother’s house and the police took him for a burglar. They stated the man had a gun but the video proved that he had only a cell phone. The police shot 8 times. He got 6 shots in his back and 2 more. In order to protect themselves, the police included the boy’s name in other similar cases which took place in that area.
  4. The statistics show that one person is killed by police officers every seven hours. Legal agents killed 1207 individuals in 2015.
  5. Police feel free when choosing the forms of force punishment concerning their management matters. According to the latest data, they involved 57% of the physical force, 15% - firearm, 11% - taser, 13 - mixed force application, and 4%  - other types in the previous year.

So, you may find any reliable web resource and analyze its information in your paper. Experts recommend turning to various sources to remain objective and write a high-quality academic assignment.

Don’t Forget about the College Requirements

You see that it’s really difficult to deal with a police brutality essay. You should not only blame the police for their misconduct. You should also say that sometimes it’s really hard to arrest the burglar being aware of his or her crimes.

The police deal with injustice daily (murders, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, rape, hostage release, etc.) and constantly feel psychological pressure. Police often have to turn to private psychologists trying to cope with their nightmares and fears imposed by social cruelty. Still, a police officer should serve people but not express brutality and kill them for no reason.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the college requirements including the needed number of words, style of writing, formatting, etc.