Narrative Essay Topics: Useful Writing Tips and The List of More Than 50 Topics

Narrative Essay Topics: Useful Writing Tips and The List of More Than 50 Topics

Why is it important for a writer to come up with excellent and original narrative essay topics to earn high grades? Students can either use the topic they receive from their teachers or brainstorm their own ideas about friends, work, family, etc. A successful decision determines their narrative essay success. Look for something interesting that you have passion about.

Narrative Essay Writing Basics

This genre of academic writing allows you to expand your imagination, but you need to follow strict regulations and directions. The freedom of choice can be difficult for some writers, especially if the topic should be controversial. You may feel stuck on idea deficiency if you can write about anything from your childhood and other experiences from your real life. Some students use every idea that comes to their mind, but the results aren’t always successful because this choice requires thorough considerations. But it should not be too long to get your readers bored. 

How to Choose the Best Idea?

Narrative essay topics should be both interesting to you and appealing to your targeted audience to grab attention at once. It’s the best place to get a list of excellent ideas. They all are in different categories for your convenience. But there is no need to provide some deep analysis

Narrative Essay Topics on Technology

Technology innovations changed people’s lives considerably because of multiple improvements in a number of areas. To write about that, use these examples:

  1. Reasons why your phone is your best friend;
  2. Things that keep you safe when surfing online;
  3. Favorite iPhone or Android apps;
  4. How to create a website for your brand or company;
  5. The most exciting smartphone devices;
  6. Scamming experiences that you won’t forget;
  7. The lack of anonymity in the digital age is worrying;
  8. Technological tools that play an important role in your life;
  9. The best viral videos;
  10. What video games did you like playing as a kid?
  11. Are video games your major distractions?

Narrative Essay Topics on Dating and Marriage

To connect with the feelings and emotions of readers, use these attractive subjects for your inspiration:

  1. Why all people need to have close friends;
  2. How to handle the end of long relationships;
  3. Why dating is too traditional;
  4. Your basics of handling breakups;
  5. The most meaningful relationship;
  6. Interactions with people from different walks of life;
  7. Reasons why regular talks are important for any marriage;
  8. The moment you first fall in love;
  9. Why do you believe in marriage?

Narrative Essay Topics on Travelling

If you have a trip or your own journey, every stage is full of interesting impressions, and that’s why it’s worth sharing them with readers. The format of this academic assignment allows you to tell others all the details you experienced in brief and use these interesting themes:

  1. Your favorite travelling transport;
  2. Your first visit to the countryside or a big city;
  3. The best spot for vacation;
  4. Where would you go if you had a lot of money?
  5. Without what things you can’t imagine any trip?

Narrative Essay Topics on Different Life Experiences

This type of academic writing teaches you to tell the audience about your personal experiences in a literary way. To write a good one, brainstorm different thoughts concerning them and feel free to use both positive and negative examples. Describe these subjects to attract readers’ attention.

  1. The most frightening experience that you had;
  2. The experience that shows you true values;
  3. The most embarrassing experience in your life;
  4. What was the experience that taught you to appreciate life?
  5. What was the experience that helped you fight your cowardice?

Narrative Essay Topics on Childhood

Your childhood is a period of new experiences and bright impressions, and you definitely have something interesting to tell others about these years. Use the following ideas to call your memories of vivid situations:

  1. The childhood experience that helped you grow up fast;
  2. The time you got hurt or felt lost;
  3. Your memorable birthday party;
  4. How your parents helped you face challenges;
  5. What was your favorite childhood game?
  6. Who you dreamed to become when you were a child?

Narrative Essay Topics on School Years

Your school is a certain path to adulthood because you get the necessary experience and knowledge and face different challenges that make you stronger. Write about this life period to increase a chance to sound original:

  1. Your memorable mass school event;
  2. A teacher you would like to be a good friend with;
  3. The most disastrous experience in the classroom;
  4. Did any teachers become your role models?
  5. What was your favorite school subject?

Narrative Essay Topics on Relationships

All people have their unique memories of dear ones, and these stories always have a private character. Use these great ideas:

  1. The worst quarrel with your parents;
  2. The person you’re afraid to lose the most;
  3. A ridiculous or comic misunderstanding with others people?
  4. When did you experience a rejection?
  5. What was the worst friendship breakup?

What to Do Next

After picking the most appealing subject for your narrative essay, look at the instructions that you receive from teachers. How to start writing an outline? Use these helpful tips to simplify the entire process and do a great job:

  1. Focus on the main details to cover;
  2. Avoid mentioning irrelevant information;
  3. Connect all of your thoughts with smooth transitions to make the text coherent and logical;
  4. Don’t embellish facts;
  5. Stay creative and use a range of effective stylistic tools;
  6. Avoid omitting a conclusion to state everything you got from a particular experience;
  7. Follow instructions and patterns;
  8. Take limits into account to avoid overloading readers with information.

When to Get Additional Help?

In some cases, there’s not enough time left or you lack the skills necessary to write a narrative essay properly. Get expert assistance online to solve your problems. Order custom written essays from knowledgeable and professional authors who know what to do to secure your high grades and academic success. Grab their helping hand and relieve your stress.