Effective Essay Writing in 7 Stages

Effective Essay Writing in 7 Stages

When a student gets his essay writing task, he might get a little bit confused. There are so many essay types around, and it is hard to know all the differences and requirements for each of them. Of course, your research paper writing was a hard challenge, but the essay can surprise you even more. No matter in what age and class you are writing your essay, there is still something you don’t know.

Some essays are really large and time-consuming projects. But the main trick is the format of the essay. Most essays have one general structure and learning it will help you to deal with most of them really effectively. And our first advice would be to divide your task into several stages. And we can distinguish seven common stages of essay creating:

Stage 1: Get yourself a topic

It may seem too obvious, but let us stop at this point to explain its importance more carefully. This stage is the first one you should deal with, and as a result, it affects your entire essay creating process. The wrong topic causes poor interest in research and then goes problems with writing, and in the end, your low grade is guaranteed.

If your tutor topic didn’t assign you with a certain topic, we recommend focusing on this point very carefully. In case you are free to choose your topic, you have more freedom and more dangers around at the same time. You need to do hard work to come up with something really valuable and interesting to write and to read about. It is like New Year’s resolution when you prepare yourself for a long road through the year.

The main plus is your opportunity to choose something that you are excited about. In this case, the entire writing process will be easier and more interesting for you. So, for a start, you need to decide what the purpose of your essay is.

To get the interesting topic, you need to think about your interests and passions. Are there any connected to the subject you are writing for? Get few main variants and then choose one that fits you most. If you want to teach your reader something or to solve a problem, it is better to choose a topic you are familiar about. If you want to get a debate, get something you are really passionate about.

Stage 2: Create an outline

So, you want to create a successful essay, right? But you don’t want to create an outline? Well, we must disappoint you, successful essay writing is impossible without outlines. It is like you want to hit max SAT score, but you don’t like tests. Outlines are important, deal with it.

Some people prefer using diagrams, but if you don’t like drawing and don’t have much time to play, a simple outline will work perfectly. This is the method of thoughts organization. The more effectively you organize your outline, the better essay you will get in the end.

Just start with your topic noting it down on the blank paper piece. Then just list all your ideas for the essay. You may divide some points into several others. Just make everything clear and comfortable for yourself. If you make everything too messy, you will lose your thought while creating the content.

Stage 3: Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is as much important as the topic of your essay. It is the core of your entire paper. And to create this core, you should look once more into your outline. Get all the points together and extract one simple and short message from them all. That would be your thesis statement. And it will have two main parts – one for the topic and the second for the main purpose of your paper.

Stage 4: Start with the body paragraphs

As you may know, there are three main parts of essay structure: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Most students prefer writing their papers in that very sequence. But, we offer you a progressive method which had recommended itself positively through last few years. You should start your writing not with the Introduction, but with the Body. It will give you an opportunity to get right to the core of your essay and do not distract on the Introduction.

The Body paragraphs are the main ones in your article as they perform the main function. Those paragraphs describe, argue, and explain the topic of your essay. Usually, there are three paragraphs in the Body. Each of them represents a separate point from your outline.

Stage 5: Time for the introduction

Now it is easier for you to deal with the Introduction when the thesis statement and entire Body section are done. Introduction’s main purpose is to promote your topic and issue. Also, it should be attractive for the reader and grab his attention right from the start.

Come up with something that will make your audience to proceed with reading. Any methods are good here. You can say something shocking and just unexpected. Start your Introduction with a question or an exciting story based on your personal experience. Believe, this stage is more exciting than writing a boring bibliography.

Stage 6: The conclusion

In this section, you need to sum everything up. This would be the overall idea of your article or the solution for the problem you were talking about. Just give five or six strong and direct sentences, and that would be enough.

Stage 7: Editing

As always, editing goes after writing. Take this stage seriously as the work should not be considered completed until the editing and proofreading are done. There are lots of small details in your paper, and you should check them out carefully to fix where is needed.

If you still have any problems with your essay task, we offer you something more than just a helping hand. Tell us about your problem in our order form, and we will find a solution together.