Topics for Personal Narrative Essay and Writing Tips for Students

Topics for Personal Narrative Essay and Writing Tips for Students
Table of Contents
  1. Topics for Personal Narrative Essay and Writing Tips for Students
  2. How to Write Excellent Narrative Essay?
  3. Life Experience Topic Ideas
  4. Education Topic Ideas
  5. Cause and Effect Topic Ideas
  6. Persuasive Topic Ideas
  7. Creative Topic Ideas
  8. Final Thoughts

If you study in college or university, you face the necessity of completing various writing tasks. An essay is one of the most popular assignments for students. Essay writing can be challenging in some cases. Probably, a narrative essay that requires some personal information about the student is not too difficult. But it also requires writing skills, creativity, and ability to highlight the most important aspects of the particular situation. First of all, a student starts writing with a topic. Narrative essay topics can vary according to your preferences and imagination. It is your own choice to write about some memorable moments from your life, challenging experience or meaningful achievements. In our article, we are going to learn more about narrative essay writing and give you a significant list of personal essay topics for your next assignment.

How to Write Excellent Narrative Essay?

If you need to complete such a task as a narrative essay, start with your experience. Give yourself enough time to analyze your experience from childhood to the student’s life. You have an enormous range of options. Let’s look at some spheres you may choose for a personal paper.

  • Expressing an opinion about the particular issue or situation;
  • Describing an essential event or place you visited before;
  • Sharing a special story that had influenced your living;
  • Explaining some moments that show the ability to overcome obstacles;
  • Writing about essential character traits that help you to reach life goals.

It is not the complete list of topics you may use in narrative essay writing. Don’t hesitate and use your imagination. A personal essay requires a special attitude. You shouldn’t try to copy other authors. Be original and unique in your writing style. Remember, you have to grab readers’ attention and show sincere emotions in the writing piece. It is the key idea of personal essay writing. Your piece won’t be exciting without some special elements and personal tone of voice.

In general, narrative pieces have a standard structure:

  1. Introduction (writing hook that attracts the audience).
  2. Body (a few paragraphs that explain the primary ideas).
  3. Conclusion (summarizing of your thoughts).

It is important to have proper formatting and outline for personal essay as well as for any other academic piece. You have to organize your thoughts and avoid chaotic writing. Check your English before applying the final piece. Excellent English grammar and punctuation is a must for any college paper. And don’t forget about the importance of the topic. If your theme is boring and tedious, you won’t succeed with a narrative essay. Therefore, pick the moment in your life that can excite your audience and start writing. To simplify your work, we’ll give you some prompts with exciting topics. Apply our ideas and prompts or create your own variations.

Life Experience Topic Ideas

This category includes prompts that explain the particular moment, person, place, or another thing that changed your life or changed your thinking at certain time. Are you a proud parent? Don’t hesitate to share your experience in the paper.

  • Explain your attitude to animal shelters.
  • Describe a person who had changed your approach to the prospect career.
  • Write about the essential moment in your life.
  • Who was your best friend at school? Describe his character traits that were essential to you.
  • Describe your family member who taught you to drive.
  • Highlight the terrifying moments from your first year in college.
  • What secret did you hide when you were a child?
  • Explain the meaning of the word “home” for you.

Education Topic Ideas

You may pick this sphere if you have something to say about your personal attitude to the educational system and you want to express your opinion in writing.

  • Why everyone has to learn math at school and college?
  • What would you change in modern education?
  • My favorite subject at school.
  • Can anybody understand math?
  • Why is it crucial to learn English grammar?
  • The most challenging moment for graders.
  • Describe the event that proves a person can become a good specialist in the particular field.
  • How do humanities affect our ability to communicate with people?
  • What was your favorite science at school?

Cause and Effect Topic Ideas

If you prefer one of such prompts, you should find the moments in life that can change thoughts about some life aspects. It happens the particular events in our life affect our way of thinking. Find one of these moments and create an exciting story for your readers.

  • How did you change your opinion about all the animals in the world after having your own pet?
  • How our personal choices influence future career?
  • How can a secret ruin a family relationship?
  • How do words you say can hurt the person you love?
  • Why does your best friend can be with you in college but won’t be your friend in adult life?

Persuasive Topic Ideas 

This section includes essay ideas that let the author provide proper arguments for the particular affirmation. The writer may persuade the audience to adopt a certain point of view.

  • Why do you prefer a healthy lifestyle?
  • How did you become a vegetarian because people have to protect each animal on the planet?
  • Why do online games harm children’s ability to study?
  • Online shopping in your life.
  • Why does everyone have to be a volunteer at least once in life?
  • How do the Internet and unlimited access to information influence teenagers?

Creative Topic Ideas

We know the best work must be unique and eye-catching. Standard themes and traditional point of view can’t win in our dynamic world. Therefore, we recommend you to be creative in your writing and apply fresh methods and ideas. Here are some of them.

  • The place in the world you would like to be born.
  • What if you could fly?
  • Imagine you are a famous person. What would you try to change to make the world better?
  • Describe your attitude to the prominent event or person in 300 words.
  • What science would you like to learn harder at school?
  • What would you do if you could prevent diabetes?
  • Tell about your favorite family holiday you remember from your childhood.
  • One thing you would like to change in the world’s history.

Final Thoughts

Picking up an appropriate topic is the first step to the top-notch writing piece. But it is just the beginning. You have to create a proper outline for your work, control the number of words, attract the audience, and make them read to the last paragraph. We hope our recommendations were useful for you. But it is not the only way we can help you in studying. Our professional team of writers can complete any academic task. It is so easy to place an order and get the brilliant paper.