Analyze a Poem: Get a Complete Gide on How to Write a Poetry Analysis

Analyze a Poem: Get a Complete Gide on How to Write a Poetry Analysis

To write a poem analysis can be a challenging task for anybody. First of all, it depends not on your writing skills, but the poetry you were assigned with for the analysis essay. So, let’s find out how it is possible to deal with the challenge and get the highest grade possible.

What is poetry analysis essay writing?

So, as we said before, the main reason why poem article is a tough task to deal with is about the poetry itself. As you know, every poet has his own style as any other author. Sometimes it is really hard not just to replicate it, but to understand the whole meaning of the poem you are working with. Even if you know how to study successfully and effectively and you have great skills, there still are no guarantees that your poem analysis will succeed.

First of all, you need to accept this fact and move forward. When you realize the task is hard, you get more motivation to deal with it. So, what is poem analysis article all about? Let’s be brief. Poem analysis speaks for itself. It is an essay type where you should analyze a poem or any other type of poetry and do your research in a regular essay format. You should make a review of a poem, its structure, style, and another important component. Learn here how to write a book review

This essay is about a wider view from you as an author. You should understand and describe the purposes of decisions and choices that he made and used in his poem. While creating the essay, you will need to read the poem a few times more and maybe even learn it by heart. So, we recommend starting as early as you can.

Poem analysis structuring tips

The first advice would be very simple and too obvious. You need to work with the context and read it very carefully. Do it for few times in a row and try to explain it to yourself with simple words just as you get it. You will need to reread the poem more to understand different aspects of it and to catch all the concepts that were set by the author. This task can be especially difficult in case you are working with some symbolism styled art and poetry pieces.

Also, you should identify the rhyming technique of the poem. There can be even few of them in one poem, so be attentive. Also, do not forget to identify all other techniques you know such as the type of the poem, figurative language, enjambment, tempo, etc.

Here are the main poem types you may need to explore:

  • Limerick
  • Ode
  • Sonnet
  • Lyric
  • Haiku
  • Free-Verse

You need to learn how to identify all those styles and elements. This skill and knowledge are essential for your paper’s success. While dealing with the poem essay, you will need more points to explore to make a successful paper. Dealing with all those common essay aspects as a bibliography, thesis, paragraphs, etc. is just not enough.

Stage two

The poem and its poetic aspects and techniques are not the only points you should be working with while writing its analysis. The background of the poetry is also extremely important in your poem essay. And it is not just about the biography of the author. It is also about the time when the author lived, and the period the poem was written about or in. There are not many points you can get rid of, actually. So, you should prepare yourself for hard work and be attentive all the time.

The cultural contexts of the poetry you are writing about are very important. It influences everything right from the start – how the poet wrote, what he wrote, and why he wrote. But at the same time, those extra background facts will give a clearer picture for your analysis. Just stay patient, and your work will benefit you.

Final element

The third stage of creating this type of poem essay is the most analytical one. You need to identify the subject matter. It means you should work specifically with the theme and the message of the poem. What elements are supporting the entire topic and main message? How were these elements used by the author? All these questions and few more will help you to make your poetry analysis effective and gain success. Just be careful as poets often hide their message between the lines and you may just miss it while analyzing the poetry elements.

Outline and other essay parts

Like any other essay, poem analytical article also requires its outline. But don’t worry. This type of outline should not be too complicated. Consider it as your guide for the entire process. Just make it before you start the very first draft of the analysis.

You can start with brainstorming the ideas and noting them before the introduction of the essay. And don’t forget to make a thesis statement too. When you did your outline, you can start with the body paragraphs. Every outline bullet point should represent appropriate paragraph of your article. Each sub-point may represent particular sentences and key facts.  

Choosing a topic

The easiest and less risky method to choose yourself a topic is to get one you already know anything about. Even the most obvious choice may work for you better than any other too complicated and deep. For example, if you or at least know a poet already, it would be easier for you to write about any of his works. If you have doubts about the subjects, it is recommended choosing one that is more appealing to you.

That type of essays is not the easiest one you may be assigned with. Of course, you should try to deal with it by yourself. But if there are any problems with choosing a topic or getting along with the art piece, our company is always ready to help you out. Just fill in our order form and tell us about your problem today.