Why Get an MBA Degree: The Key Advantages You'll Enjoy

Why Get an MBA Degree: The Key Advantages You'll Enjoy
Table of Contents
  1. Why Get an MBA Degree: The Key Advantages You'll Enjoy
  2. What is an MBA and Who Should Apply for a Business Administration Degree?
  3. The Key Reason Why You Should Choose an MBA Program
  4. 3 Great Benefits MBA Graduates will Enjoy
  5. Gain Valuable Knowledge for Your Business Career
  6. Get a Deep Understanding of Key Business Processes
  7. Enjoy an Opportunity to Establish New Connections
  8. Apply to an MBA School with Studyportals

You are a great marketing manager but you aren’t ready to devote the rest of the days to this work. You dream of becoming a top manager of a large corporation, but you understand that for this you need to understand finance, personnel management, operational management and much more. This is what is taught in MBA programs. In addition, training here is focused on practical work: students solve real business problems.

It’s just one of the reasons why get an MBA. Check the key reasons why it is really a good idea to graduate from a top-rated school and become a holder of an MBA degree.

What is an MBA and Who Should Apply for a Business Administration Degree?

At a certain career stage, most people start thinking about getting an MBAs degree. Often, they have the same questions: do I really need it? MBA is a program for training both young specialists and professional managers. Employees receive practical information from gurus. The main goal of the program is to teach students to manage people, time, and finances. The set of disciplines can be different: strategy, management, and marketing, etc.

An MBA degree is needed for those who plan to acquire new skills and knowledge in the field of management, as well as to achieve career advancement or salary increases. In short, increase personal value in the competitive labor market.

According to statistics, 83% of those who received business education believe that it helped them gain useful knowledge and skills. In average, 5% of them are satisfied with new connections and acquaintances. 3% are sure that the most important thing in an MBA program is a prestigious diploma demanding lots of research to be done.

Often, employers indicate an MBA as a must-have option in the requirements for job applicants looking for leadership positions. Sometimes, one can see in a job ad that the employer writes about the advantage of candidates with an MBA degree. The salary at such positions is rather high.

“Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you’re not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were.”

David Rockefeller

According to a recent study conducted by the American Graduate Management Admission Council, 59% of business school graduates receive a job offer immediately after graduation. The company also called the industry, where most often require specialists with a business education: finance and accounting, taxation, services, and production. In addition, according to GMAC, 9 out of 10 graduates are confident that this kind of education has enabled them to earn more.

The Key Reason Why You Should Choose an MBA Program

Since its introduction at the end of the 19th century, the MBA program has focused on its practice orientation. The curricula of MBA programs are designed so that students apply their knowledge either immediately after graduation (in the case of full-time programs), or even during training (if they are modular or part-time-programs).

As for the knowledge itself, the educational process is very close to the real business: biennial MBAs often involve paid internships, students sort out business cases and research the market, often with the involvement of practitioners. They, as a rule, give lectures and hold seminars, master classes, and training. The most popular schools and universities where you can enroll in the MBA course are located in such countries as Australia, France, UK, U.S., Republic of Ireland, Netherlands. The University of the Highlands and Islands or Saint Louis University will be a good choice.

3 Great Benefits MBA Graduates will Enjoy

According to surveys, the majority of MBA graduates from schools in the United States of America, Europe, and Asia agree that during their studies they received:

  1. All range of necessary knowledge for business;
  2. Complete understanding of the pattern of interaction of key business processes;
  3. Useful business contacts (networking).

Let’s consider each of the above-listed benefits in more detail.

Gain Valuable Knowledge for Your Business Career

If you pass a course with flying colors, you’ll gain specific knowledge needed for a businessperson. The major of the program consists of subjects that develop key skills necessary for specialists working in the business sphere:

  • analytical thinking (accounting, economic policy, operations research, statistics, etc.)
  • professional skills (financial management, HR management, operations management, etc.)
  • and ethics (business ethics, corporate governance, etc.).

The training also includes a large number of additional courses, each school has its own set of such disciplines and sciences. Among them are such as international finance, currency management, entrepreneurship, project management, negotiating skills, etc.

Nevertheless, there is such a point of view that the value of an MBA is not in the ability to solve any problem, but in knowing where to find its solution and who to ask the question. In general, business schools almost do not provide completely new knowledge. They structure the existing knowledge and do at the top level.

Get a Deep Understanding of Key Business Processes

In order to become a true professional in management, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of business processes - to have a wide and clear idea of what activities and tasks the business is made of.

Profile education provides an opportunity to get the most complete picture of the production of a product or service. After graduating from the MBA program, you will see the work of your entire organization as a single system. Many graduates, noting this moment, describe it as a change in worldview.

Enjoy an Opportunity to Establish New Connections

Networking is one more great benefit for MBA graduates. It is the ability to establish useful connections to benefit in everyday life and in business. With the right approach, networking will bring interesting job offers and good deals.

While studying at a business school, you will plunge into a highly professional business community, so explore how to use it. Among your classmates and teachers will be a huge number of practicing business professionals, familiarity with whom may be useful to you in the future. More than half of MBA graduates are confident that acquired contacts are the most significant result of business education.

Apply to an MBA School with Studyportals

Many experts worldwide agree that the most valuable thing in an MBA is the opportunity to discuss current business cases with leading practitioners and gain new knowledge. If you manage to properly use this chance and competently learn from the experience of colleagues, then your work will become more efficient. And this is already leading to big career advancement and an increase in your value in the market. So, don’t waste time and apply for an MBA program.

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