What Brings High Rankings to the UK University?

What Brings High Rankings to the UK University?

Clever students do not want to study elsewhere. They wish to get enrolled in the top university with the hottest rankings. The UK students are not the exception. They all have a strong passion for learning in the university. Perhaps, the high literacy rate of the country, as well as the desirable employment rate, are the causes of the top higher education in the world!

Luckily, the US News has shared the recent survey on all higher educational institutions in the United Kingdom to assist young people with their choice. Keep in mind that your chosen university might predetermine your future profession, so change your mind while it’s not too late. Don’t let your family or peers make responsible decisions regarding university instead of you!

The numerical rankings of each university listed in the text below are retrieved from the Best Global Universities table. It is an authoritative source all over the world. Both international and domestic students would love to spend precious time of their lives in the university like that. However, it’s not that easy as the university acceptance rates get lower while the number of applicants grows from year to year.

The main criteria for university rankings were:

  • Research performance
  • University ratings given by the members of the global and European academic community
  • Number of international students and total number of people living on campus
  • Teaching methods
  • Quality of university services
  • Graduate degrees

The rights to view the full table are reserved and may be limited, so explore the rankings of each university in the table below.

Select Your University with Respect to Its Rankings!

Before reading, please mind that Arts, Drama, and Music have their special place in the University League Table!

If you wish to apply to the top university in the UK, it is better to use several different tools except for the admissions essay. Take SAT or ACT to prove your knowledge of reading, writing, and math basics. Each university appreciates students with work experience as well. Get involved into summer practice like volunteering or internship programs to get prepared better for your future in the university.

  1. University of Cambridge

If you have a pure interest in Economics, Law, or Science, there might be no better option than dedicating your study time to Cambridge University. It has outraced its closest competitor, famous Oxford University, without any obstacles. The high university rankings were caused by the exceptional teaching methods, new research opportunities thanks to the extended local libraries and educational centers, and membership in elite Russell Group and the Coimbra Group.

It would be hard for international students to study in this university, anyway. It’s not only a language barrier – unlike other schools on the list, Cambridge University does not have its campus. Colleges that belong to the university network possess high rankings too. They cooperate closely to appoint personal teaching team and fellows in every subject, make decisions regarding application procedures, supervise undergraduates, and arrange welfare of all students and personnel. The given university is also number five in the global table.

Get ready with the excellent admissions essay for the University as the competition is very hot. You may find good examples here.

  1. University of Oxford

All those who are fond of studying Humanities (even rare disciplines like Astronomy), Law, and Business Law, should have already reserved a place in the second university with the most attractive rankings. Famous oldest university in the UK and rest of the English-speaking community, Oxford University can boast 38 independent colleges and six private halls. Except for the research groups joined by Cambridge University, Oxford is also a participant of the Europaeum thanks to the quality of local teaching and research opportunities. Oxford University in the top ten on an international level.

The top UK students study at the university or graduate from this university. The unique university services include face-to-face tutorials, where students can interact with the field experts to learn more about their future career opportunities and the subject of interest. It was counted when forming the university rankings.

Everyone would agree that university’s Bodleian Library is the perfect place for the extended research. Unlike Cambridge, the University “hires” international students from more than 140 countries every year. They occupy one-third of the student body, which is an impressive number. It is located in the picturesque place in the South of England.

  1. University of St. Andrews

If your academic and career goals are associated with the International Relations, Computer Science (CS), or Physics, the third UK university with the best rankings is right for you! Scottish political and religious activities are based in St. Andrews. Recent news tells that 7,000 local university students compile a meaningful part of the entire city’s population.

The opportunity to choose a university subject from the field different from the mentioned above (e.g. Arts, Divinity, Medicine or Science) as well as improved schedule flexibility earned its high rankings. The place has original traditions like encouraging 3rd-year students to become “parents” for the freshmen. This university is a unique opportunity for domestic and international students to spend some time studying abroad in the United States or Canada. Each year, new academic locations are approved to mix learning and traveling effectively. It is interesting to know that Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, graduated from this world-recognized university.

  1. Durham University

We’re moving on to the fourth position in the table. Psychology, English, and Information technology-related subjects are learned at this university. Durham University high rankings make it a worthy alternative to Oxbridge giants for those applicants who wish to spend less money on their education.

The university is situated in the beautiful cathedral city of Durham. It has the rank of Collegiate meaning there are several colleges under university’s control. The powerful teaching standards of the University are supported by the special residential, social and welfare facilities. Students and tutors work together as a friendly university community to carry out fascinating projects based on the in-depth research. Not only international students from over 100 countries study at the University: 30% of the working staff also comes from different parts of the world.

The University protects the rights of disabled, provides financial support for the low-income families, delivers quality nursery and medical services to its students, and takes part in many other charities to prove its good name. Durham University definitely deserves its rankings. If you wish to apply to Durham or another university on the list, you may order the application essay from writing gurus.

  1. Imperial College London

It may take too long to describe each UK university with the highest global teaching rankings, so let’s have a look at the fifth one on the table. Imperial College is, of course, a university located in London. Searching for the courses related to Science, Engineering, or Medicine? In addition, i university’s Business School and Humanities department make half of the rankings too. That is another reason to apply to the fifth university!

Cutting edge research is, perhaps, the main advantage of this Russell Group university. 14 Nobel Prize winners have graduated from the walls of Imperial College. The university guarantees immigration advice to those international students who deserves studying at this place. The best students can win a trip in one of the UK most exciting sites.

Legendary Brian May from “Queen” would prove that this university obeys all standards of quality teaching as he used to graduate from the Imperial College.

You can find links to the rest of the UK institutions with the top rankings on the internet.