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The article explains how to select the best New Year’s resolutions out of so many options and achieve them easily.

Need Some Better New Year’s Resolutions This Time?

Posted at 01.10.2017 by

New Year and Christmas are the two all-time favorite holidays of any student. Actually, even grown-ups adore these occasions. Sometimes, we get that excited that we are stuck with choosing the resolutions. Under the resolutions, we mean all those activities students can enjoy during their free time....

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How to be successful student and have a time for fun? Easy! Just learn some right techniques of studying and reach the best goals in your career!

How to make a study-process more successful?

Posted at 12.12.2015 by

Most of students, starting to study in college are becoming scared and not able to take all information and tasks from professors. Going to college, you need to be ready for more research, homework and exams. The percent of quantity the information increases in 50%, the reading fills you more and mo...

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This article gives some basic information about exchange programs, what awaits students and what they should take into consideration. Being an exchange student is an unforgettable experience, so this article should encourage youngsters to become the one.

Combine travelling with studying

Posted at 05.23.2016 by

Have you ever dreamed about travelling to another country, plunging into the atmosphere of a new culture and traditions, broadening your horizons and trying something unusual? I guess everybody would say yes. But if you are a student and don’t have enough time or money for this kind of adventure? ...

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